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About Dr. Mike


Hi. I am Dr. Mike Cockrell.


I am a husband, a father, a family practice physician, local business owner, author, entrepreneur, business coach and life coach. I love helping others realize the true potential they have within them for success and happiness.


Over the past two decades, I have been very successful in building and growing a number of successful business enterprises. My vision is to empower individuals to seek out their purpose and then to teach them how to share their vision with the world.


I have dedicated the past few years to educating myself to be a more effective communicator and trainer and I am constantly seeking more knowledge to share with others so that I can assist them in their quest for health and happiness.


I am a firm believer that each and every person has a story to tell and that there are countless others on earth that need to hear those stories. I am committed to helping others get their stories out to the world.  Life is about learning to seek your passion in every aspect of your life.


In my clinical practice, I see so many people that are drowning in their own dissatisfaction. People are drudging through life with no sense of direction. They are stuck in dead end jobs. Their hearts are not in their work. They are doing things that other people have convinced them that they should be doing without any regards to following their hearts and they are miserable.


This lack of purpose in their lives is leading them into a state of poor health, depression and sadness. Their physical, emotional and spiritual lives are in a state of disrepair and they are left wondering β€œIs this all there is?”


I am convinced that each and everyone one of us has the ability to create the life we desire no matter what our current circumstances. We have the power to choose our own destiny.


I realize that most people do not have enough belief in themselves to follow their dreams. Most people would rather settle for unhappiness in their lives than to step out of their comfort zones and start to create the life they desire.


This does not have to be the case.


I am committed to sharing the knowledge and information that I have at my disposal to anyone seeking to take back control of their life. It is time for you to Create a Life of Health and Happiness starting today!




Living Well With Dr. Mike Online Course



The "Living Well With Dr. Mike" online course is a compilation of Videos, Podcasts, PDFs and Bonus Material shared by Mike Cockrell, MD. Dr. Mike has been studying allopathic and alternative medicine for more than 2 decades and this course highlights his continued efforts to create engaging educational material that will assist you in Creating a Life of Health and Happiness.


By combining all of this information in one collection, Dr. Mike believes that you can better educate yourself as you continue your personal quest to live a long, healthy, happy and prosperous life.


Start your journey by clicking on this LINK and get ready to transform your life!


Learn more about Dr. Mike's mission at







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